11th Hour
Works by Jonathan Chánduví | January–July 2014 at Azure

11th Hour

Studio 323 New York is pleased to present 11th Hour, the latest collection by artist Jonathan Chánduví. Azure, a new luxury building on the Upper East Side, will host the unveiling in its premiere penthouse suite on Thursday, March 20.

Chánduví is a third-generation art and antique restorer who, at age 29, already claims an esteemed work portfolio. Past restoration work includes a 2,000-year-old Huang Dynasty horse, antique Duncan Phyfe and Biedermeier pieces, as well as various fine art. Widely praised for his masterful museum-quality restorations, he soon used his advanced technique and skillset to create original mixed-media artwork. Blending various elements and textures, the eight pieces in the 11th Hour exhibit combine classic sophistication, contemporary design and extraordinary dynamics.

“My work is a mixture of layers and sections and technology,” Chánduví explains. “I use paint, plaster, metal, wood, plastic, glass, lights and other bits and pieces and put them together. For example, I might take an abstract concept and mix it with lights and apply glass and then apply another design on top of the glass to give it more depth. My goal is to design elegant pieces that pop.”

A turbulent past also contributes to the urgency and energy of the artist’s work. Born in Lima, Peru, Chánduví moved to Panama City at age seven when several embassies commissioned his father to restore their antiquities. Two years later, U.S. troops stormed the country to overthrow military dictator Manuel Noriega, and the family had to flee at a moment’s notice. As violence and looting consumed the capital city, the Chánduví family hid in the Peruvian ambassador’s car as he whisked them to the airport. With U.S. visas in hand, the family left everything behind and moved to Connecticut.

With all their assets lost in Panama, the family had to restart their lives from scratch, which included learning English. Several tough years lay ahead, but life in the States improved when the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) declared the father a Living Legend. The younger Chánduví, after studying at Parsons, spent several years working alongside his father on classic pieces from leading private collections and art institutions.

After mastering his craft, Chánduví took a transformational visit to his native country that inspired him to move to NYC and develop his own business. Vowing not to use any of his father’s connections, the son personified the starving artist living out of a hostel and going door-to-door looking for clients. Despite his humble start and young age, Chánduví quickly established himself as an elite restorer. In less than a year, he was able to open his own gallery and workshop, Studio 323, in Spanish Harlem.

Chánduví now divides his time between restoring old pieces and creating new ones. The penthouse exhibit will feature his latest works, including elaborate constructions that reach up to 12 ft. x 8 ft. in size. The 11th Hour unveiling takes place March 20 from 6pm to 8pm in Penthouse B at Azure (azureny.com), located at 333 East 91st Street on the corner of First Avenue. Light fare and wine will be served.

Media members who want to attend the exhibition can RSVP at rsvp@hundredstoriespr.com.
Adobe Creative Class
May 2013

Studio 323 made the cut for Adobe's viral Creative Class video, released at the keynote presentation of the Adobe MAX conference in May, 2013. A collaborative project between Adobe, Prologue Films, and Melcher Media, the Creative Class video is a celebration of imagination, and creativity in any form.